New frames

made to measure.


At the heart of our framebuilding is a state of the art custom jig. Together with our computer programme it guarantees precision angles and there is no need for the crude final straightening so often associated with hand made frames. 

Start with a session on the workshop’s adjustable fit bike or send us the data from a cycle fit of your choice.

Our Frames

We typically use Reynolds 631 and 853 steel tubing or Reynolds 953 ultralight stainless steel tubing. We also have stocks of Reynold’s original 531 tubing and some elegant period fork bends. Columbus tubing of any type is available by special request.  

Lugs are hand cut and our fillet brazing has many fans.

Painting and Details

Our painting technique does not involve any heating of the frame. This gives final paint finishes a completely traditional look that is much more durable than the stove enamels of the past. 

We offer many really special colourways for your paint finish and a range of logos to add personality to your frame.

Prices for a bespoke tailor-made frame with components start at £1450.